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Today, I bring you one of my favorite scenes – a POV Lela Star, maximized to show that nice fat booty.

To be honest, I don’t often watch this scene past the 15:00 mark – the sight of Lela cumming all over that john’s dick (for the third time!) – and with screams that mean she’s really enjoying it – always finishes me off. The best porn, obvs, isn’t fucking faked!

Our heroine starts this vid with the usual tease – showing off her assets. Tits already on display to begin with, so she immediately goes to showing off that wonderfully tight ass. At the 2:15ish mark, the stair ascent would have me following her, cock first! And then she invites you in at 2:32 – if your dick is still in your pants at this point, you’re just not a man!

We get to see that wonderfully kept pussy at the 3:30 mark – she continues to tease us until we get to to 5:45 mark when she finds – what’s this? A cock! Dude’s got a thick one, too.

Lela blows the john for awhile before she invites him to put that dick in her lovely box at 11:38. She then does the seductive crawl away – god, this woman radiates sexy – crawling up the bed, begging for it.

From here on out, the next 3 minutes always finish me. She cums right away at 12:34, and while he’s blasting away, she cums again at 13:30 – and finally, after licking her own cum off the john’s dick, one last cum at 15:20.

There’s more to this vid, but if you need more than that, maybe you’re addicted to porn – better get that checked, boy!

Thanks again, JizzHut!

Latina Heat

I picked out a porn and had some great ideas going to talk about it before I realized it kinda just sucked.

Here it is:

Bitch looks fuckable, but upon review … this one sucks, the guy really doesn’t do anything for her, plus that staircase looks really uncomfortable. How do you fuck if you’re worrying about gashing your knees? Retarded.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a much better post.

Thanks to xHamster!

Ass and Titties

They call this one “Perfect Babe”. Not a bad way to start out your week – big fuckin’ tits, a huge ass, and some john fucking her senseless.

This video is a complete half hour – a little tease, some oral, fucking (in various positions), followed by, as always, the cum shot finisher.

The tease is probably easily my favorite part of this vid – various camera angles showing her big natural tits, that bangin’ ass (you could prop a tray up on that ass, its so nice and round) – giving her the once over so you can imagine yourself dicking this fine beauty. The only downside is that the girl and the camera dude didn’t really seem to hammer out an idea of how the tease was supposed to go – the camera focuses somewhere and if she sees it, she’ll move. Oops!

After a great close up of her pussy and asshole, the camera pans in to the john eating that sweet pussy – some bearded scumbag who eats her out for awhile – dude even tongues her asshole! At 7:27 the cock makes an appearance and proceeds straight for the ass. Breaking up the order of holes? Kinda cool.

Also a great thing to note – the girl’s nips are standing the entire time. I always like it when the girl is actually into her work – not some dumb cunt who’s just getting naked. Adds that sense of realism to the scene.

After a few position changes, at 16:50 we see our first pussy penetration. Going from the super tight (and now stretched out) asshole to the pliable pussy – probably a trend that’s older than me, but always a refreshing change of pace. He fucks her missionary for awhile, before deciding at 23:23 to get his knob slobbered on again. Why does this always happen in porn, I wonder? Need more lube? I’m sure they have it on the set!

After this they segue into some tit-fucking, then finally, a few more rounds of fucking to get the dude to cum on her magnificent tits. Dude finally blows a minor load (with that hot babe, he probably came like twelve times that day).

All in all, decent scene. Worked me good.

Thanks to JizzHut for hosting the scene!

Hello world! (A brave new post)

Welcome, friends!

Everyone likes porn (anyone who doesn’t is a liar), and everyone likes chicken (anyone who doesn’t is probably some weak-ass vegetarian).

Here at Porn and Chicken dot net, we’ll be scouring the ‘tubes for great jerkin’ scenes so you can rub one out and get back to your chicken. Or you can use the grease as lube on your hands, ya fuckin’ perv!

Chicken recipes and scenes to follow. And if you don’t like our picks, check the sidebar for some links to great ‘tube sites!